Guess What?

If I had a thousand pages
I could never name them all
The reasons why I like you
For the list would be so tall

I like you for the melody,
I hear every time you speak
The way your brown eyes hold
A captive, but by choice

I like you for your gentle heart
That melts away my pain
It made mine beat again

I like you for your loving smile
It makes me heart soar
These are some of the reasons
Every second beat is yours


Who Am I Without You?

Who am I without you?
I don’t even know
I haven’t had the chance
For fear of letting you go

Who am I without you?
Am I brave, am I kind?
I haven’t walked away long enough
To keep you off my mind

Who am I without you?
Am I useless, am I sad?
I haven’t been alone long enough
To stop wanting you back

Who am I without you?
Am I loud, am I strong?
In the future, will I realize
That choosing you was wrong?

Who am I without you?
Am I accepting or do I judge?
Would I be fooled by someone else again
Who suddenly speaks of love?

Who am I without you?
There’s only one way to know
I’ll have to stay away this time
And really let you go


Be Mine… Happy Valentines Day!!

My parents have always made me feel extremely loved from the little gifts they would give me to the big ones, which never mattered really. My mom was the one that really made my Valentines Day great. She didn’t limit herself to this one day, she would send me poems at any time telling me how much she loved me, and I would send her back the same. Such a sweet love we had. Along with those everyday things, when this day of love came around she would give me a rose. The last thing she had given me was a mug saying “Be My Valentine”. After that it was just little gestures of love of love; which up to know I really appreciate.

Every since then a part of me has always wanted someone, who wasn’t in my family to ask me to be their valentine. It did happen once when I was in school, and even though I was extremely grateful for the rose that I had received, it sort of hurt that the rose didn’t come from the person I thought it was from. Instead it had come from someone I considered my sister. After that little incident I gave up on the thought of ever getting a rose from a someone special in my life. Even thought I still wish sometimes someone would ask me to Be There Valentine

I thought for sure it would have happened this year, but my love life is just full of disappointments. Maybe next year, or even any other day, since a romantic gesture is all I really NEED! For someone or that one person to come and sweep me off my feet and whisper those few words “Be Mine”

Do we all have soul mates?!

For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

What really is love, is it just a myth?
Do we all have soul mates
Can two people really and truly love each other forever?

Is it really possible for two people, born out of two different families to be destined to stay together happily ever after. I for one have always wanted to know that, coming out of a single parent family I haven’t really seen love first hand. Only in the movies, and honestly does that sort of running in the sand, kissing in the rain love really exist in the real world? For sure, from my past experience it may just be a myth or maybe I just haven’t found my “Prince Charming”.

If that is in fact the case, I think someone may need to get a memo indicating that his arrival would be greatly appreciated, lets say sometime in the next ten second or so. Really can’t wait any longer for “My One True Love”, or maybe he can’t wait for me any longer.

Who’s to say that he inst in my life already, he may just be that one person I keep looking over or even the person I’m with now. If that is actually the case, someone send me a sign.

xoxoxo Babes