Grammy Awards: Red Carpet

Seriously Nicki, I am not quite sure what you were trying to achieve but either way, you failed and failed horrible. Really the only nice thing I can say is nice makeup.

Tayler Swifts dress was absolutely adorable, she was very on point that night.

Nothing against Bruno Mars, not really gonna blame this on him. Maybe it is how the camera was angled, some photo’s can make peoples outfits look weird, because honestly to me he looked a little funny, was the pants suppose to shoot like that. Bruno were you preparing for war?

Gorgeous is all I really need to say.

They were many others people on the red carpet but these few really stood out in my eyes. Missed the Queen B, for sure she would have rocked that red carpet in something fierce like she always does.

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Been killing this song for the whole day, just can’t get enough of it. Not a really big fan of Lil Wayne but he defiantly did his thing on this track and Bruno, well he never disappoints my ears. He is just soo talented.

Can’t wait for the day he and Chris Brown bring out a song together.