Christening My Blog

This being my first ever post, I need to start it off with a big bang… Something that is totally awesome, even though since this is my first post no one is even looking at this, still need to impress for future readers.

So I am going to share some random stuff. Enjoy.

  • Chris Brown – He just had to be number one, no matter what this ‘fella’ right here will always remain in my heart. By the way FORTUNE is coming soon, that is a need to get CD this year.
  • Glee – No matter what haters say this musical is most defiantly awesome. A need to watch show, if you haven’t already started watching it.
  • Love – We all have seen those photography’s of couples, frolicking in bed, playing with each others fingers or just looking like the are actually enjoying each others company. I know for sure I want that, who doesn’t.

There’s alot more but why give all away now.

xoxoxo Babes


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